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A Short Guide to Short Guides, by duckbunny


Everyone knows something.

That’s the basic idea behind Advent Knowledge, and I stand by it. Everyone knows something. You, that person sitting there, you know something. It’s something interesting and it’s something you care about and it’s something cool.

It might not be big or dramatic. It might not be something you’d ever thought of as an expertise. But however small or obvious it seems, not everyone knows it.

I want to know the cool things you know. I want to tell you about the cool things I know.

That’s why this site exists. That’s why Advent Knowledge is something I want people to read and take part in and love. This is a place to share the things you think are awesome and learn things you’d never have a chance to go and study.

Ordinary Advent calendars have chocolate behind the doors, or little pictures. The calendars here have delicious morsels of information, in the form of a new post on each topic every day. We write for people who don’t know the first thing about our subjects, and we remember that they’re not stupid – they just need us to explain from the beginning. We’re writing for each other, too. To contribute here, you only need to know about your own topic. The other calendars are there to be learned from.

We’ve had calendars about molecules, about chemical reactions, about genetics. I got the idea from one about art history. I hope some of those will be reposted this year, to give us a good start on this site. And I want more.

I want to see calendars about cookery, about dinosaurs, about history, about books and law and plants and weather. I want to know where the best coffee is in your town and how to take a good photograph and twenty-four ways to keep small children entertained. I want to learn about carpentry and knitting and looking after dogs. I want to know how pensions work and what librarians actually do.

You know something. Please, this Advent – share it with me?

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