How does this work?

As Duckbunny says, everyone knows something. If you have the overriding urge to share what you know with the rest of the world, tell us.

Advent Knowledge runs from the 1st of December though to the 25th. After that, who knows? But for now, limitations mean focus.

The site is an open blog. Sign up at the registration page, and you get access to write your own posts. Each seperate section of the site – Advent Chemistry, Advent Science, Advent Computing, Advent Biology et. al. are all categories. If you think you can keep up with this all month, an article a day (you can write them all in advance and queue them up if you like!) feel free to write them all up and put them into your own category.

If you just want to share a single article, or a few things on a topic close to your heart (or feet, brain, organ of choice), post them up under Et. Cetera, and we’ll pick a few articles a day and share them with the world. Link related articles by giving them the same tags.

Things you post won’t be publicly visible immediately, they’ll have to go though our team of expert moderators just to make sure you’re not a Viagra salesbod. We don’t intend to moderate for content at this point, but we’re very much playing this by ear.

So come in, listen, maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll teach someone.

Happy Advent.

(If you’ve got any questions about any of this, post them as a comment below, and I’ll try to keep up  )

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