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  • Skater profile - John Don't - Well, Anon, if you're going to bring in that kind of stipulation, you'd have to apply that to all newbies. Can a person be called a skater if they haven't passed minimum skills? What if they've been moving on rollerskates for a decade already, can they not call themselves a skater? Realistically, the reason John Don't said he prefers blocking (though his anatomy gets in the way sometimes) is because he has attended scrimmages with his league. And that's how you learn. He has been given the opportunity to have a profile here because I wanted to show that you don't have to be a) female, b) under 21 years old, or c) living in a big city, to get into roller derby. All my Advent Roller Derby posts are aimed at people who have heard of roller derby in passing, but not ever watched the sport. It's like a big advertisement as to how awesome roller derby is.

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It occurs to me that I haven’t really mentioned how roller derby works. That probably should’ve come first. Sorry. Courtesy of the brilliant, wonderful, awe-inspiring London Rollergirls, here is a (really really really) basic track diagram for me to use as a visual aid! So....

Rules 101: 2.2.2

There are a lot of rules in roller derby. 60-odd pages of them, in fact. All the UK & Ireland roller derby bouts are played under the WFTDA ruleset, of which a new version has just been released. You can read them online here, if...


In my spare time, I help to run a website called Rollin’ News, which is dedicated to UK & Ireland roller derby. We’re a one-stop-shop for the sport on these fair isles, so it would seem remiss of me to not attempt Advent Knowledge on...