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  • More bits - So that's why when the punctuation goes wrong you get three symbols in place of the one! I am excited to know this!
  • Capsaicin - Honestly? I have no idea. Ask a biologist ;)

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Venus, Earth, Mars

After a few million years, when the solar system had cooled down a bit, it became cool enough that gases like water and carbon dioxide could be captured by the rocky inner planets instead of just flying back off into space. Again, if you just...


This is trinitrotoluene. It’s an explosive, as I’m sure you know. Pure TNT is yellow and the chap who invented it, one Joseph Wilbrand, used it as a dye. While it gives a powerful explosion it’s quite hard to set off and easy to work...

The Greenhouse Effect

Venus, Earth and Mars are all similar in size, in similar orbits, and condensed out of the same gas cloud, so they ought to have about the same makeup of elements. But Mars is freezing cold with almost no atmosphere, Earth is nicely liveable, and...


If we’re looking at molecules I like, then there is really only one place to start. This, my friends, is caffeine, a molecule of great importance. Caffeine was discovered in 1819 by Frederick Ferdinand Runge, who named it after its presence in coffee. It is...

In The Beginning

I dithered for ages about what to do for this Advent series. I considered teaching you about carbonyl compounds and their reactions, but really, though that’s useful chemistry, it’s not very exciting to look at in depth unless you actually intend to use the knowledge....