2014: Advent Quality: Changeable Widgets

by on December 19, 2014

No matter how good your systems, there will be times when things go wrong. There will be times when your widgets need to be put back through the polishing machine again, or when you have to get all hands on deck to package them because the packaging machine has broken down and you have to meet a shipping deadline. Things break, things go wrong. People do the wrong things and somehow you’ve got to salvage the situation.
It’s not always an emergency, of course. Sometimes your widget-polisher wears down slowly, over the course of years, and so you have to buy a new one and it’s a different model. Sometimes your business does well, and yu move from hand-packing the widgets to a packaging machine. Sometimes a supplier discontinues a material you’d been relying on, and you have to find a replacement. No matter how much warning you get that you need to replace a machine, or how little warning that your quality control team is going to be short-handed while someone’s broken ankle heals, handling the issue falls under the same heading.
When your system doesn’t account for a situation, you’re looking at change control.

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