2014: Advent Quality: Activate Shields

by on December 9, 2014

Did you supply faulty widgets?

Your quality team steps into motion. Production records, training records, testing records. Which batch was supplied to that customer? Pull out the production paperwork and make sure everything was properly signed off. Did anything go amiss in the manufacturing? Who was on shift? Pull out their training records and prove that everyone who had a hand in that batch of widgets knew what they were doing. Pull out all the testing records of the raw materials and components and finished widgets and show that all the testing was within specification.

Now you can go back to your customer, armed with all the proof possible that you did not screw up. Now the ball is in their court – can they prove that they installed the widget correctly? Did they damage it in transit, or store it incorrectly? Where their workers trained, and their tests done correctly?

And if any of those procedures aren’t written down – if you can’t show how your widgets ought to be made and tested and packaged and stored – how are you going to prove you did it right?

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