2014: Advent Quality: What’s A Widget?

by on December 3, 2014

How are widgets made?

Let’s say that today, a widget is equivalent to a nice cup of tea.

How do you make a cup of tea?

You put tea leaves in a pot, pour boiling water over the leaves, wait, and then pour out the tea, with milk, sugar, and/or lemon to taste.

That’s a summary, but it’s not nearly enough to make sure that all your cups of tea are the same.

You put tea leaves (what quantity? what variety? what grade? from what supplier?) in a pot (what kind of pot? is the pot cleaned first? how is the pot cleaned? is the pot warmed or otherwise prepared? how?), wait (for how long? is the pot covered? with what?) and then pour out the tea (into what? prepared how?) with milk (from what species? what fat content? what temperature? added before or after the tea?), sugar (what colour? what size of crystal?) and/or lemon (what variety? what part of the fruit?) to taste (whose?).

Some of the questions here are details of the process, and some are details of the raw materials. Let’s tease those apart.

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