2012: Advent Art History: The Naked Baby Jesus Advent Calendar, December 08

by on December 8, 2012

Virgin and Child with a Saint

Bartolomeo Montagna (c1440 – 1523)

c1483 -99

37.8 x 36.5cm

For today, I’ve chosen a painting that I haven’t actually studied, but that I found when looking for works by Carlo Crivelli, and was captivated by because it’s so sweet.

The painting shows the Madonna and Child with a saint who is probably John the Baptist. It is thought that he may be a portrait of Francesco Gonzaga. It’s worth having a look at the caption on the Walker Gallery website.

[Another quick tangent: you might have noticed how I call Mary the Virgin in some works and the Madonna in others. In Art History, we tend to call her the Virgin in Northern European works, and the Madonna in Southern European works.]

I’m not convinced that he is John the Baptist (or Francesco Gonzaga), and wonder if he might be a shepherd, come to adore the infant Christ.

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