2012: Advent Roller Derby: Bout reporting

by on December 17, 2012

York Hall

The roller derby media is still in its youth but, as with the majority of the community, it’s all about the DIY ethos. Here in the UK, there’s two roller derby magazines, Lead Jammer and Inside Line – both editors are skaters, and the majority of the writers are too. There’s also an online TV broadcaster, RDUK.tv, who are usually found at the major events, international games and that sort of thing.

At Rollin’ News, I feel like we’re almost always playing catch-up with new leagues and keeping up to date with bout calendars. This year, there’s been a new league popping up at the rate of one every twelve days. And that’s just the active leagues that have started bouting! I’m almost certain there’s another half again for the thirty leagues that are now active that are still learning the ropes and thinking about maybe having their first bouts.

Apart from the new leagues, we have to keep up to date with all the established leagues too! The best way is to follow their twitter and facebook pages, and their blog RSS feeds. But if I told you I actively read all of them all the time, it would be a big damn lie. It’s just impossible!

Usually, when a bout has taken place, someone from a league will do a kind of review blog post, like this one from Nottingham Roller Girls vs Sheffield Steel Crucibelles. They’ll try to give a good general view of how the bout went, what the atmosphere was like, that kind of thing. There’s also something called “tweetcasting”, which I’ve not heard much of outside roller derby. At the end of October, I tweetcasted the Rainy City vs Glasgow bout in Oldham, great fun, and you can see how I got on with this Storify thingy (you might have to start at the bottom, or just read it backwards). The whole idea of tweetcasting is to give those who can’t be there for the live performance as accurate a version of what is happening as possible, a blow-by-blow account if you will. It’s one of my favourite things, it might even be ranking above taking photos of roller derby now!

Photos, of course, are another way of reporting on a bout. All the photos I’ve been using for Advent Roller Derby are ones I’ve taken myself, but many photographers take much better photos than I do!

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