2012: Advent Roller Derby: Scrimmage

by on December 9, 2012

Scrimmage is usually a private part of a league’s training, allowing them to try out new tactics, line-ups, and plays. Occasionally you might see something called a mixed scrimmage, this is open to skaters from other leagues. It’s a really important way of learning the rules, and learning what you can do to prevent breaking the rules.

This is a timely post, as I’ve just returned from NSOing a scrimmage. This one was part of Rainy City Roller Girls‘ regular training, and it was their first scrimmage under the new ruleset. I score-tracked, and jam-timed –  it was good fun! Naturally, the skaters are finding it interesting adjusting to the fact that there are now no minors. Jam-timing has become a bit less complicated, with single-whistle starts for all skaters in jams, instead of the single for the pack then double blasts for the jammers that it used to be.

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