2012: Advent Roller Derby: Equipment

by on December 8, 2012

There’s a basic equipment list that every rollergirl, rollerboy, and referee needs to have. There are varying budgets, but I’m reliably informed you can get started in roller derby for about £200.

Firstly you have the things that propel you forwards: skates! There are many many types of skates, and varying types of wheels, and bearings, and trucks, and plates, and toe stops, and and and and and… Skates are highly customizable, but you can also buy them straight out of a box and they’ll work just fine.

Next, the pads! You’re required to wear knee, elbow, and wrist protection. A lot of the skating techniques and safe-falling-practices rely on skaters wearing proper pads, and frankly, if you don’t wear them you’re going to cause yourself serious damage.

Naturally, you must also wear a helmet. It’s imperative that it fits properly, and there are a lot of differently-shaped heads, and differently-shaped helmets around. So trying before buying is essential.

Another thing that prevents serious damage (more than most people realise) is the mouthguard. If you take a tumble and hit your head on the floor, the jolt from the impact will be made worse if you’re not wearing a mouthguard.

Before every bout and scrimmage, the referees carry out an equipment check on each skater to make sure everything fits and is securely attached. With that out of the way, we can get down to playing roller derby!

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